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Directorate of Waterways

The Directorate of Waterways (Ředitelství vodních cest), a state authority set up by the Ministry of Transport, pursuant to Sec. 51 (1) of Act no. 219/2000 Coll., has its own web pages - The fundamental responsibilities of the organisation include: • Ensuring the preparation and implementation of the construction and modernisation of segments of significant waterways, and...

Department of Navigation

The basic mission and responsibility of the Section is to ensure the execution of state administration and state professional supervision in matters concerning inland and maritime navigation, especially pursuant to Act no. 114/1995 Coll., On Inland Navigation, and pursuant to the changes and amendments to Act no. 455/1991 Coll., On Doing Business on the Basis of a Trades Licence (the Trades...

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State Administration Organisations • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) • Air Accidents Investigation Institute (AAII) Airports in the Czech Republic • Prague Airport • Airport Brno • Airport Karlovy Vary • Airport Ostrava • Airport Pardubice • Airport Benešov • Airport Tachov Entities and Organisations in the Czech Civil...

Civil Aviation Services

Information on civil aviation services: • Aeronautical Information Services • Air Traffic Services • Communication Services • Meteorological Services  • Search and Rescue

List of Institutions and Organisations Executing State Administration or Delegated Exercise of State Administration in the Air Transport and their Webpage Links

• Civil Aviation Authority • LAA ČR (Aeronautical Amateur Association of the Czech Republic) Pursuant to the authorization of the Ministry of Transport ref.n. 696/02-220-SP/1 of 26 November 2002, the LAA ČR provides specific regulatory activities in the paraglider, hangglider, microlight aircraft, powered paraglider, and microlight rotorcraft...

List of the Authorised Employees of the Ministry of Transport, Holders of Valid ID for the “State Supervision in the Civil Aviation Area”

číslo průkazujménoSD 000029Mgr. Martin MarešSD 000034Michaela Šletrová, MSc.SD 000131Ing. Vladislav VaníčekSD 000132Mgr. Eva RomanováSD 000133Ing. Radek Jelínek

List of Air Carriers licenced in the Czech Republic

Air CarrierLicence No.:ABS Jets, a. s.     Pobřežní  297/14, 186 00  Praha 8 PO Box 84, 161 00 Praha 6 - 8/LAEROPARTNER a.s. Podhořany u Ronova, 538 03 Nový Dvůr 79 K letišti 1063, 160 08 Praha 6CZ-65/LAEROTAXI, s. r. o. Nad vinným potokem 1149/2 101 11  Praha 10http://www.aerotaxieu.euCZ - 56/LAir Bohemia a.s. ...

ECAC / ANCAT (Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport) Expert Group Activity

Group of experts on the Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport (ANCAT) is concerned with the reduction of unfavourable environmental impacts caused by air transport. The group has been established in 1974 by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and constitutes of the ECAC Member state experts, who participate in development of environmental policy in air transport. Within the...

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