Construction of 177 km of motorways is under way and dozens of more km are in the pipeline

Construction of 177 km of motorways is under way and dozens of more km are in the pipeline
10/10/2018Press releases

The motorways where work has most progressed are the South-Bohemian D3, the D6 to Karlsbad, continuation of the D11 to Hradec Králové and construction of the Frýdek-Místek bypass on the D48. An extension to the D35 in section Časy – Ostrov and the Budweis bypass are also soon starting. Of the 177 km, 100 km are motorways and 67 are category I roads. The government today received information on these construction projects.

Construction of 177 km of motorways is under way and dozens of more km are in the pipeline

"The South-Bohemian part of the D3 motorway has progressed most. Here, works are under way on almost 19 km of the motorway itself plus another 20 km of the Budweis bypass. Construction of the D11 from Hradec Králové towards Poland, where 22.5 km of motorway are under construction, continues as well," says the Transport Minister Dan Ťok.

To be specific, a portion of the D3 motorway Bošilec - Ševětín is under construction and will be completed next year. The Ševětín - Borek section will be opened in 2020. Preparations of sections Úsilné - Hodějovice and Hodějovice - Třebonín, where bids of building companies are currently being evaluated, are under way. The motorway should hit the Austrian border in 2024.

Regarding the D6 to Karlsbad, a total of three sections with an aggregate length of 14.6 km are under construction: the Řevničov bypass, the Lubenec bypass and the Nové Strašecí - Řevničov section. All these three sections will be completed within three years and more sections will follow. The whole motorway could be completed between 2025 and 2026.
The continuation of the D11 in sections Hradec Králové - Smiřice and Smiřice - Jaroměř is also under construction. A total of 22.5 km will have been opened within three or four years. An extension of the motorway towards Poland is also in the pipeline and the motorway shall be completed between 2024 and 2025.

And there are more construction sites on the D48 motorway: in section Rybí - Rychaltice and the Frýdek-Místek bypass along with a connection to the D56. A total of 89 km have been overhauled between Prague and Brno and another 70 km will see an upgrade until 2021.

You will find the complete overview of current and scheduled works and the km counts in our interactive map at: showing that as of today there are 177.3 km of motorways and category I roads under construction, of which 110.2 km are motorways (the D1 modernisation is 13.6 km) and 67 km are construction works on category I roads. Another 43.5 km of motorways and category I roads (of which 42 km are motorways) shall still start this year or at the beginning of next year.

First trains will ride through the Ejpovice tunnel in November

The 4km Ejpovice tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the Czech Republic, will very soon see its completion. The first train will ride through the south tube already on November 15. From December 9, when a new time schedule comes into effect, all trains will start using both tunnel tubes, so the travel time between Prague and Pilsen will be cut by ten minutes.

One third of the reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct, a major transportation structure in the country, is now completed. The route capacity will increase and so will the number of trains: up to 14 trains per hour will be operated here. Modernisation of the tracks from Prague towards Kladno, with a branch-off to the Václav Havel Airport, will follow this reconstruction. The entire route could be completed until 2029.

Modernisation of the rail line between the Prague Main Railway Station and Hostivař is also under way. Trains connecting Prague with South Bohemia will now use the four-track rail line. The track speed will rise to 120 km/h. The modernisation will bring convenience for passengers on long-distance trains and make travelling across the capital much easier. The 6km section should be completed in 2021.

Work also continues on another section of the Fourth Transit Corridor from Prague to Budweis. Modernisation of the Sudoměřice – Votice track will bring a second track in this section, two tunnels and a new station Červený Újezd. The train speed will to up to 160 km/h, which will cut the travel time for express trains between Prague and Tábor to one hour. Construction works are expected to be completed in 2021.


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